Salt.UK offer an early intervention mental health and wellbeing support for companies and businesses. Our Simply Active Listening Therapists are there to listen and support a person with their psychological and emotional pressures. We have recognised that more than ever individuals are being affected by work related stress leading to common mental ill health issues, such as depression, anxiety and stress and this is compounded by the current COVID-19 health crisis. 

We offer a range of Wellbeing packages that including on site drop in sessions, wellbeing workshops, seminars to promote mental health and 1-1 sessions. Offering this service to your employees may reduce sick days, underperformance or even law suits pertaining to neglection of employee mental ill health care. 


Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year. 

Promoting wellbeing at work through personalised information and advice, a risk assessment questionnaire, seminars, workshops and web-based materials etc will cost approximately £80 per employee per year. For a company with 500 employees, where all employees undergo the intervention, it is estimated that an initial investment of £40,000 will result in a net return of £347,722 in savings, mainly due to reduced presenteeism (lost productivity that occurs due to an employee while ill) and absenteeism (missing work due to ill health).  (mentalhealth.org.uk)


These interactive workshops are designed for a minimum of 4 people. Increasing awareness of personal and peer wellbeing by demonstrating and educating individuals as to what mental health and wellbeing is. Those taking part should leave with a more insightful and positive view on their own mental health and that of others.


An Active Listening Therapist attending your premises on an arranged day to allow staff to engage in 1-1 sessions. This service can be open to all staff to make an appointment, removing the anxiety of a clinical environment and offering an early help proactive service for your employees.


We are able to design a package to suit your employees wellbeing needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.




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